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Biohazard and Trauma

Death | Accidents | Suicide | Homicide | 24/7 Service

Biohazard and Trauma

24/7 Biohazard & Trauma Services

Top Gun is certified through the Restoration Science Academy for trauma and biohazard clean up services, Call Top Gun Cleaning and Restoration to handle these scenarios. Dealing with biohazard cleanup situations resulting from a trauma scene or loss of life must be handled with the utmost discretion, sensitivity, and expert training. Incidents such as crime scenes, suicides, and other biohazards involve removing and disposing of blood, tissue, and other materials that can pose severe health risks to those nearby.

Top Gun works 24/7 to provide the expertise necessary to clean up and decontaminate trauma/ biohazard circumstances properly. Our biohazard cleaning service can handle situations such as unattended decomposition, homicide or suicide clean up, crime scene clean, up trauma scene clean up, biohazard clean up, and animal remains or waste hoarding scenes, our trained professionals are ready to respond to these hazardous scenes. Our work is performed by professional bio clean up specialist who follow strict industry guidelines and protocols, and are in compliance with all local, state, federal, OSHA, and other regulations.

Why Choose Top Gun?

Our services are all guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We Arrive Fast 24/7. Getting You Back to Normal

We respond immediately to biohazard & trauma.Faster response times reduce damage to your property and help you save in cleanup and replacement costs.

We Are Trained Biohazard & Trauma Specialists

We have extensive Biohazard & Trauma training. We have many years of experience, with a vigorous continuing education schedule to make sure we are always on the cutting edge.

We Will Go the Distance

You can be assured that we will always treat the property and people involved with the utmost empathy and respect in the face of trying circumstances. Contact us to learn more about our biohazard cleaning services.

Our Process

Upon arrival, our biohazard and trauma professionals will:
  • Work directly with your insurance company
  • Decontaminate the area
  • Dispose of any materials in an approved manner
  • Apply plant-based antimicrobials to help reduce microbial growth
  • Complete the job with a reconstruction of the damaged areas